wedding flowers are important ....
and we want to make sure they're done right for you.


Whether you are completely stressed out with a mile long list of items you still need to complete or totally organized and have your wedding all planned out already, it doesn't matter. We are here to make the process as simple for you as we possibly can, because we get it, weddings are stressful, period.


We  got  you,  babe.

Once you've gone through the consultation process with us you'll wonder what it was you were stressing about to begin with. We take all the ideas you've compiled from your Pinterest boards, your Instagram screenshots, blog posts & whatever else you can throw at us, and compose a simple, easy to understand proposal, bringing your vision to life.


O U R   S E R V I C E S

  • bouquets

  • boutonnieres

  • corsages

  • garlands

  • floral arrangements

  • arch design

  • floral wall

  • floral chandelier

  • centerpieces

Simply put, we are O B S E S S E D with anything floral & basically anything you dream up, we will make happen for you!

'lil shout out to this babe ^ if you need branding photos, she's your gal! 

M E E T    T H E    T E A M


Janae Den Boer. Co-founder. Lead Designer.


Katelyn Wisse. Co-founder. Designer.


W H A T   T O   E X P E C T

We offer a free consultation to all new potential brides where we get together, have coffee & discuss all the details for your big day! Within a week we fire off a uniquely created proposal that you have 30 days to approve. To approve your proposal, we require a deposit that secures your wedding date with us & the total comes off your final balance. You have 3 weeks to make A N Y changes at all to your quote, because hey, we get it, wedding details are ever changing. So what are you waiting for? Click the "sign me up" button below & contact us now to meet up & talk flowers!